The Under World



Sinful seeds to be sown ceremoniously.


Develop the visual identity and packaging for a boutique product targeting a niche market. I chose to create a flower seed mix giftbox, targeting Goths that would elevate the category of garden seeds into something to be gifted.


    Baba Yaga is the fearsome witch from Slavic folklore. She is also the Goddess of Nature, and of life and death.
    The Under World flower seed gift box takes inspiration from this ancient fairy tale and extends upon it, weaving a new story of how the poppy seeds gifted from Baba Yaga made their way into the gift box now in the the receivers hands.
    The luxurious packaging creates a moment to connect with the sublime, and relish in the ceremony of the rituals of gardening.

Student work / Shillington College
Concept packaging

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Melbourne, VIC